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High Desert Branch APWA Scholarship Policy

  1. The amount available for scholarships will be based upon the total scholarship funds raised by the various scholarship fundraising activities undertaken by the High Desert Branch. Our goal for each year's scholarships is based upon the anticipated total available funds for scholarships.

  2. High Desert Branch scholarships will be given to graduating high school seniors within the service area of the Branch (Antelope Valley, Victor Valley and Santa Clarita areas - Southern California) and that indicate on their application forms and in interviews an interest in pursuing a career in a field directly related to Public Works. Returning college students from the Branch area can also apply or reapply consecutive years until college graduation.

  3. Scholarships will be given to individual students as a one-time award up to a maximum of $1,500 based upon a number of factors including students' Grade Point Averages (GPA) and financial need. The number of scholarships offered each year will be dependent upon the amount of funding realized from the Branch's scholarship fundraising activities.

  4. The Branch goal is to assist high school seniors and / or college students that live within the High Desert Branch service area. It is the Branches goal to issue at least four (4) scholarships each year.

  5. Applications may be submitted directly by the high school students and college students or through high schools and colleges within the Branch's service area. APWA Branch scholarship applications will be distributed to area high schools prior to the end of February of each calendar year. Students must submit a completed application form. Additional supportive information, including letters of reference, may accompany the official Branch application.

  6. Students that are awarded scholarships will not receive any funds from the Branch until they submit proof from the college or university verifying that the student is in fact enrolled and paid tuition fees at the college or university. Proof of enrollment requires a letter or statement from the institution that is signed by an authorized representative of the school.

  7. Students that are awarded scholarships from the Branch and fail to enroll in a college or university or submit the required proof of enrollment and paid tuition by February the following year will forfeit the scholarship.

  8. The scholarship committee will review the application submittals along with interview information and prepare a recommended recipient list to be submitted to the Branch Board for consideration at its April board meeting. The Board will forward the approved scholarship recipient list to the General Membership for approval at the next available General Membership meeting.

  9. After approval of the General Membership, the Scholarship Committee will notify the recipients of the scholarships and provide them with information that will facilitate their collection of their scholarships in conformance with this policy.

  10. The Scholarship Committee will review this policy prior to September of each year. Any proposed revisions are to be finalized for consideration by the Branch Board at the September board meeting. If the Board approves the revisions, they will be submitted to the Branch Membership for consideration at the October general membership meeting. Any such revisions will become effective for the scholarships awarded in the following year.

Please contact the Scholarship Chairman with any questions.